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Ready-to-Wear Spring 2024



Discover by Looks

A timely yet timeless image brings its essential femininity to the Maison Georges Hobeika Spring-Summer 2024 Ready-to-Wear collection. The goddess of love and beauty – Aphrodite as she is known in Greek mythology – is the impetus behind a creative ode to romance, grace and emotion. Visual inspiration also comes from perhaps the most famous representation of the goddess in her Roman incarnation, Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus”, with its female figure rising through the waves. Flowing fabrics, intricately draped silhouettes and delicate colour combinations evoke this sense of poetry in a highly creative collection which is also the perfect showcase for the Maison’s trademark lavish embroidery and flair for embellishment.

Just as Botticelli’s Venus appears fully formed from the sea, the season’s sensual gowns appear to cling to the body, playing a game of transparency through the delicate layering of sheer pastel mousseline and lace. Touches of shimmering gold and iridescence evoke the glitter of foam on the waves, while gradient hues reflect theFabrics include denim, crepe and georgette, with the poetry of an Ancient Greek sunset displayed across printed mousseline in a complex scenery of columns, birds, fish, butterflies, and a host of other natural elements. Bespoke lace swirls into circular shapes featuring images from ancient mythology as well as the Maison’s own icons, while a second design is inspired by the woven texture of antique rattan chairs. A version of this lattice effect is also worked in raffia, adding an extra dimension to a selection of looks. Further texture comes from braided rope detailing and a play of visual contrasts – the trademark rich embroidery that is part of the Georges Hobeika heritage features in all its expected brilliance, but also opts for more surprising matte thread work to create a sense of the unexpected. Likewise, the looks themselves alternate between the ornate and the unadorned, forming a narrative that flits from classical to resolutely contemporary.

Walking in flats, this modern-day goddess adopts a determined step, bringing with her a sense of lightness, elegance, and joy. This sense of escapism through beauty is the expression of Maison Georges Hobeika at the peak of its savoir-faire.