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Ready-to-wear Fall Winter 2023/24



Discover by Looks

Inspired by a concept that is as visually arresting as it is socially relevant, the Maison Georges Hobeika Ready-to-Wear collection for Fall 2023 celebrates the division between night and day, and more particularly the dramatic creatures of the dusk. While the creative inspiration comes from the world of vampires, as seen in the cult series True Blood, the idea of a dichotomy between the accepted and the unaccepted, a fear of the unknown and a contrasting desire to belong are all part of this richly dramatic creative moment.

The presentation film chooses as its backdrop a dark forest wrapped in haze, playing with our sense of fear and our need for sanctuary. Beneath the drama and beauty of the collection lie a powerful comment on the importance of mental health and of those – hospital workers, security staff – who are active during night hours to ensure that we are safe while we sleep.

Digging deep into the rich vocabulary of the vampire world, this collection marks a shift away from the usual upbeat references but remains true to the arresting intensity of the Maison Georges Hobeika style. Edgy details bring their sense of spectacle to nearly a hundred looks – including men’s silhouettes – for a captivating seasonal collection.