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Couture Spring Summer 2023

Small Talks


Discover by Looks

Intended as a celebration of Maison Georges Hobeika’s savoir-faire, this joyful collection showcases the importance of the relationships and interactions between family and friends. Underlying this concept is the familial collaboration between Co- Creative Directors Georges and Jad Hobeika, and the powerful link with the house’s archives and ateliers. The collection also highlights the importance of a support network, and the people who bring us together in everyday life.

To emphasise this sense of love and connection, the show’s casting includes a number of real-life friends of the Maison, walking as couples and pairs in order to create the experience of a once-in-a-lifetime moment at Paris Fashion Week; to name a few: Leonie Hanne, Gabrielle Caunesil, Jessica Kahawaty & her mom, Cynthia Samuel & Adam Bakri, Lorena Vergani, Valentina, Ameni Esseibi, Diala Makki & Twins Hadban.

Bringing together references from the Maison’s archive, as well as integrating a bright new energy, this collection is the true vector of happy moments. Highlighting the importance of human connection and conversation, “small talks” stand out in an increasingly virtual world.