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Couture Spring Summer 2021

The Ritual of the Spring Moon


Discover by Looks

The signs of mysterious rituals commanded by the enchanted glow of the moon on a cool spring night inspire the Spring-Summer 2021 Haute Couture collection from Maison Georges Hobeika, as it celebrates the emancipation and empowerment of women. This ode to feminine strength is expressed through an anthology of unique and coveted creations that exquisitely unite the charm of gentleness, the majesty of character, and the panache of sensuality.

Crowned by a burst of flowers hand-woven by the House’s artisans, graceful and evanescent silhouettes showcase airy fabrics that bring dimension to transparency, while contrasts of light and shade create sophisticated volume. Organza and mousseline superimposed on tulle take center stage with a distinct refinement and sparkling, handmade embroidery. Even more so, poetic reflections of the moon’s glow masterfully flourish on the collection’s wedding dress, revealing the rich expanse of the House’s signature couture craftsmanship.

Delicate floral motifs are illuminated by iridescent materials in masterfully selected shades – lavender, sea green, pale pink, light yellow – that delight the eye with the vibrant energy of renewal. An allegory of rebirth written in homage to the constantly regenerating power of life, this collection beckons the illumination of a spring moon on a convent where young girls in bloom are preparing, through esoteric rituals, to welcome a season of brand new promises.