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Couture Fall Winter 2020/21

Madam President


Discover by Looks

Maison GEORGES HOBEIKA is proud to debut its Fall-Winter 2020-21 Couture collection from the heart of Lebanon. There is no denying the world is collectively going through a hard time, and we’re feeling that especially in our dear country.

Though the global travel restrictions pose many inconveniences, we are happy for this unique opportunity to present this couture collection to the world from our homeland. We have always utilized fashion as a launch pad for what ‘could be.’ While each collection’s theme is different, our inspiration has always been rooted in the strength of the Middle Eastern woman.

So we present to you: MADAM PRESIDENT. This collection is a glimpse into a new era of aspirations, where women and men lead in collective strength to demand respect, equality, and a better tomorrow.